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We recruit for a wide spectrum of sales roles, ranging from entry-level sales to senior sales management. The roles we recruit for generally have annual salaries spanning from $50,000 to $250,000. 

We specialize in filling sales roles across various sectors, including Business to Consumer (B2C), Business to Business (B2B), Small to Medium Business (SMBs), and Enterprise Clients. Our portfolio of positions encompasses roles like Inside Sales, Outside Sales, Technical Sales, Sales Leadership, Sales Support and Administration, as well as Customer Service and Support.

The timeline for candidate placement can vary based on the specific role. Typically, we aim to have candidates ready for your consideration within 5 to 7 business days. However, for highly specialized searches, the process may extend beyond this time frame. Once we have a thorough understanding of your specific requirements, we can offer you a more precise estimate.

We have two engagement options: a 45-day exclusive and a non-exclusive. 

Fees for the 45-day exclusive are 18% of the base salary or guaranteed first-year income. 

Fees for the non-exclusive are 20% of the base salary or guaranteed first-year income. 

Both options include a three-month replacement guarantee if the candidate leaves or is terminated for any reason. 

Example based on a $50,000 base salary. 

45-day exclusive $50,000 x 18% = $9000

Non-exclusive $50,000 x 20% = $10,000

Fees are payable on the Candidate’s official start date. 

In the event that the initially hired candidate departs for any reason within the first three months (90-days) of their employment, we are committed to collaborating with you to secure a replacement candidate at no extra expense. Please keep in mind that our replacement guarantee covers a single replacement for the originally hired candidate.

Certainly, we’re happy to extend the replacement guarantee beyond the typical three-month period. Each additional month of the extension will incur an extra 1.5% fee, on top of our standard engagement fees. This option gives our clients more flexibility and peace of mind. 

While we don’t offer volume discounts, we do have a yearly rebate program in place that puts money back in your pocket when you hire multiple candidates. Here’s how it works:

If you hire five to nine candidates within a 12-month period from the date of signing the engagement agreements, you earn a 5% rebate.

If you hire ten or more candidates within the same 12-month period, you will earn a more substantial 10% rebate.

Rebate payments are calculated based on the number of invoices paid in full within the 12-month time frame. This program is designed to provide you with additional value as you continue to use our services for your hiring needs.

Indeed, we offer a 10% discount to clients who prepay our engagement fees. It’s important to note that these pre-paid fees are non-refundable, however they do come with the advantage of no time limitation on their use so they will never expire. This allows you to utilize them whenever you require our services, providing cost savings for your long-term recruitment needs.

Under the 45-day exclusive plan, if you choose to hire a candidate through other means within the first 45 days, we charge a 3% breakup fee based on the candidate’s first-year salary. This fee serves as compensation for the effort and resources we’ve invested in the initial search.

If, after the initial 45-day exclusive period, we haven’t found you a suitable candidate, we will continue the search and if you find a candidate on your own, we won’t charge a breakup fee. This ensures that you have the flexibility to explore other hiring avenues after the 45-day exclusive without any financial commitment to us.

With the non-exclusive agreement, there is no breakup fee if you find and hire a candidate  directly, or through other means, at any time during the engagement.

Finding top sales talent can indeed be a formidable challenge. Most high-performing individuals are already employed and not actively seeking new opportunities, making traditional job board recruitment somewhat hit-or-miss. 

At Just Sales Jobs, we recognize the complexity of this task and take a multifaceted approach to address it. We go beyond job boards by engaging in proactive outreach to sales professionals who are currently employed but might be an excellent fit for our clients’ needs. Additionally, we cultivate extensive networks within the sales industry, connecting with individuals ranging from Sales Trainers to participants in sales seminars and events. These connections enable us to tap into a broader talent pool and engage with candidates who may not be readily accessible through conventional channels.

One of our most valuable assets is our internal database of local top sales talent that we’ve diligently vetted over time. Many candidates in our database are not actively seeking new opportunities, but they trust us to reach out when we have a compelling role that aligns with their career goals and aspirations. This emphasis on relationship building and trust is a cornerstone of our approach to talent acquisition, ensuring that we can consistently connect our clients with top-notch sales professionals, even in competitive markets.

Utilizing Just Sales Jobs to recruit top sales talent offers numerous advantages, such as:

Cutting-Edge Technology: We have developed and continuously enhance proprietary AI-driven algorithms that swiftly identify candidates perfectly suited to our clients’ needs.

Extensive Candidate Pool: We invest significant effort in identifying and fostering relationships with local top sales talent. Many of these candidates are currently employed and not actively seeking job postings, making them inaccessible through regular advertising. However, they are open to considering career growth opportunities when we present them.

Comprehensive Candidate Search & Outreach: If an ideal candidate isn’t in our database, we identify and directly contact potential candidates through various channels. We also leverage our network to reach out to top talent in your industry, sparing you the potential discomfort of self-recruiting.

Thorough Candidate Vetting: In the sales field, charisma can be a misleading indicator when seeking top sales talent. Our value lies in our rigorous methodology for identifying top performers. We utilize AI support and conduct extensive sales aptitude, personality, and skills testing, along with face-to-face interviews. Additionally, we can perform reference checks, verify job histories, conduct criminal background checks, and ask questions that many employers might hesitate to ask themselves.

Time Savings & Reduced Burden: While hiring sales talent can significantly impact your bottom line, recognizing top sales talent can be challenging and time-consuming. Our methodology and dedicated Talent Scouts alleviate this burden by presenting only candidates that we believe will positively impact your business. Our sole focus on sales recruiting enables us to locate top sales talent fast. In fact, we may already have your ideal candidate in our database, fully vetted and ready to go.

Flexible Pricing & Performance Guarantee: We offer two pricing options, a 45-day exclusive and a non-exclusive arrangement. The fees for the 45-day exclusive are 18% of the base salary or guaranteed first-year income, while the non-exclusive option is priced at 20%. Both options include a three-month (90-day) replacement guarantee. If a candidate leaves or is terminated for any reason within the specified time-period, we will find you a replacement at no additional cost.

Strong Client Focus: We forge close partnerships with our clients to thoroughly understand their businesses. If we come across an ideal candidate, we’ll inform you, even if you aren’t actively seeking to fill a role.

Just Sales Jobs offers a unique advantage with our specialized focus on sales. We possess an extensive database and network of sales professionals that may not be accessible to you or your in-house recruitment team. Additionally, our recruitment approach is tailored specifically for sales roles, featuring time-tested, sales-specific methodologies, assessment tools, and interviews. We vet all candidates rigorously using sales assessment tools that pinpoint their strengths and where they are most likely to thrive.

At Just Sales Jobs, our distinct methodology employs a systematic approach to sourcing and evaluating candidates based on their selling skills, alignment with client needs, and other intangible qualities. Our comprehensive process identifies and introduces you to top sales talent who not only possess exceptional selling skills, but also seamlessly align with the role, your company’s requirements, and your unique culture.

We tap into our robust network and database of tens of thousands of local sales professionals as our primary source of top sales talent. Additionally, our sales recruitment team employs various strategies, including advertising, direct outreach, digital and social media marketing, and referrals, to identify and engage with qualified candidates.

In essence, our data-driven approach uses powerful tools to efficiently and effectively identify top sales talent tailored to specific roles and engage with them effectively. 

Every company has distinct sales talent needs that are influenced by a multitude of factors, such as their industry, the products they offer, their corporate culture, and much more. Using our proprietary algorithms and artificial intelligence technology, we can uncover candidates who best align with your specific criteria, while continually refining our algorithms for better performance over time. This ongoing refinement process enables us to consistently enhance our capability to swiftly and accurately pinpoint the best-suited sales talent for your unique needs.

While our AI technology plays a pivotal role in expediting the process, we firmly believe in the significance of face-to-face interviews, personal communications, and comprehensive background checks. This human touch ensures that the candidates not only meet your technical requirements, but also align with your company’s values and culture.

We thoroughly assess candidates using sales-specific assessments and face-to-face interviewing, resulting in a comprehensive candidate profile. This system evaluates not only their sales skills and management capabilities, but also their alignment with the unique demands of the role and your company’s culture.

At Just Sales Jobs, we prioritize the thorough vetting of candidates to ensure that they meet the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. As part of our comprehensive service, we conduct both criminal background checks and past employer reference checks at the request of our clients. These checks are included in our fees and are essential components of our candidate screening process.

To maintain objectivity and eliminate any potential bias, we employ third-party services to handle criminal background and reference checks. This approach ensures the fairness and accuracy of the information gathered, providing our clients with reliable information that allows them to make informed hiring decisions with confidence.

No. Once we place a candidate with a client, we do not contact that candidate with new job opportunities from a different employer that might be a good fit for them. 


Clients frequently inquire about our services in regions outside our primary focus, but regrettably, we do not operate beyond our specific geographic area. Our success hinges on our hyper-focus within the Dallas-Fort Worth Area, where we possess an intricate understanding of local market dynamics and have cultivated strong relationships with top sales talent.

Nonetheless, we are more than willing to assist you by recommending another recruiter who may be better suited to your needs in other regions. We pride ourselves on ensuring you find the right recruitment support, even if it falls outside our specialized area of expertise.

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