Candidate FAQ

Here’s a detailed overview of how our recruitment process operates:

Step One: Submit Your Résumé 

Once you submit your résumé, our team begins a comprehensive review of your skills and experiences.

Step Two: Aligning with Client Requirements

We assess your résumé qualifications in comparison to our clients’ needs. If there’s a strong match, we’ll get in touch with you.

Step Three: Experience Questionnaire

At this stage, you’ll receive a questionnaire requesting additional information on your relevant experience. This questionnaire assists us in evaluating your suitability for the role.

Step Four: Interview with Recruiter

If your experience appears to be a great fit, we’ll schedule an interview with you. Before the interview, we request you complete our Sales History Questionnaire and a Sales Aptitude Test.

Step Five: Client Presentation & Evaluation

If you emerge as a strong candidate after the interview, our recruiter will compile your information and present it to the client for their consideration.

Step Six: Interview with Client 

If the client agrees that you’re a promising candidate, we assist in arranging an interview between you and the client. In some cases, the client may contact you directly.

Step Seven: Additional Interviews with Client

It’s not uncommon for clients to conduct several rounds of interviews.

Step Eight: Ongoing Support from Recruiter

Throughout the process, we’re here to address any questions or concerns you may have. However, please note that the final hiring decision rests with the client.

Step Nine: Staying in Touch

Even if you’re not selected for a specific role, we retain your information on file so that we can proactively reach out to you when new opportunities arise. In the meantime, you can explore our website’s other job listings or subscribe for email alerts to learn about new job openings as soon as they’re posted. If you spot a role that interests you, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Our primary goal during the recruitment process is to ensure a successful match for both candidates and employers. We’re dedicated to the success and satisfaction of both parties.

No, our services are completely free for candidates. When you successfully land a job with one of our clients, our fees are fully covered by the client. 

Our compensation comes directly from the client. When employers turn to us to help them find their perfect candidate, they agree to cover our fee. As a candidate, you can rest easy knowing that our services are entirely free for individuals like yourself.

Absolutely! Every single role we recruit for includes a base salary as part of the compensation package. We purposely steer clear of recruiting for roles that are entirely commission-based, and the base salary of roles we recruit for typically exceeds the $50,000 threshold. 

We prioritize your financial stability and career success. Our objective is to connect you with employers who offer compensation packages that include a competitive base salary along with opportunities for additional commissions based on your performance. 

We are committed to providing you with comprehensive support throughout the whole recruitment process and we’re happy to assist you in any way we can. Typically, it’s most beneficial for both parties to engage in direct discussions and arrive at mutually agreeable terms. However, there are situations where we can step in as an intermediary and help you negotiate compensation.

For example, if you receive an offer that doesn’t quite meet your expectations or if you feel you’d benefit from our guidance before initiating compensation discussions with the client, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our primary objective is to ensure that both you and the employer feel comfortable and content with the final compensation package.

We prioritize your privacy and only share your personal information with a client when there is mutual agreement that a position aligns well with your qualifications and you express interest in pursuing it. Additionally, we will only reach out to your past or present employers or references with your explicit consent.

At our recruitment agency, we firmly believe in preserving the integrity of the hiring process and the final decision on who to hire lies squarely with the client. We want both our clients and candidates to be happy with their decision, so we purposely abstain from exerting influence in either direction. 

Our approach centers around transparency and honesty. We provide you with comprehensive information about the client and the role without embellishment. If you find the opportunity aligns with your aspirations, we share your complete profile, including the qualifications that make you well suited to the role, with the client. Our ultimate goal is to foster a scenario where both parties are genuinely enthusiastic and eagerly anticipate the prospect of working together.

Yes, we maintain an extensive résumé database that we use regularly. Whenever we initiate a new hiring initiative, the first thing we do is search our comprehensive résumé database for candidates who look like a good fit. If you’ve previously applied for a role or interviewed with us, you can rest assured that all your details are securely stored in our records and we’ll contact you when we have a relevant job opportunity.

We also encourage you to upload your résumé even if there isn’t a specific job opening that aligns with your skillset at the moment. By uploading your résumé proactively, you ensure that your résumé will be one of the first our recruiters consider when a new job opening is posted.  

If you make any updates or modifications to your résumé, please feel free to revisit our website and submit the latest version. The more up-to-date your résumé in our system is, the easier it is for us to match you with the right opportunities.

Regrettably, despite our genuine intention to do so, we may not have the capacity and resources to conduct interviews with every candidate. 

Our recruiters are often deeply involved in managing multiple ongoing job searches along with frequent client communications. Due to the demanding workload, it can be challenging to conduct interviews with every candidate who submits a résumé.

Nevertheless, please rest assured that your submitted résumé will be reviewed by our recruiters and we regularly revisit résumés in our database when new roles are available.

We wholeheartedly acknowledge the significance of career guidance and development, but it’s important to note that, as recruiters, our expertise lies in talent acquisition. We do not specialize in career counseling. 

There are dedicated career counseling companies that offer comprehensive career counseling services, such as résumé writing, interview skill development, and job search strategies. However, it’s common for these experts to charge a fee to candidates for their services.

With that said, we do offer valuable interview and résumé tips through our Candidate Blog, which can provide you with useful insights and guidance as you navigate your job search.

Regrettably, our specialization does not extend beyond the realm of sales and sales-related positions. Our core expertise lies in the recruitment of a broad spectrum of sales roles, which includes:

– Inside Sales

– Outside Sales

– Technical Sales

– Sales Leadership

– Sales Support

– Sales Administration

– Customer Service and Support

Our sole focus on sales and sales-related roles has enabled us to become experts in matching the perfect sales candidate with the right employer.

Yes. Our deliberate geographic focus is designed to foster robust connections with both local candidates and companies. This approach empowers us to proactively link you with great sales jobs in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area and neighboring regions.

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