6 Quick Tips for Virtual Sales Interviews

As the Covid-19 pandemic has caused many business functions to move to a virtual format, virtual interviews have become commonplace. Like it or not, it may stay that way. If you’re getting ready for a virtual interview, here are some tips to help you prepare.


Test Your Connection Ahead of Time

Because an interview is your opportunity to make a first impression, it’s important to arrive on time and prepared. Just as reliable transportation is essential to a successful in-person interview, a reliable connection is equally important for a virtual interview. Zoom has a dedicated page where your connection can be tested ahead of a meeting, which can be found here.


Research the Company & Review Their Website

It is always wise to know a bit about the company you’re asking to work for, and employers might appreciate that you’ve taken valuable time to learn about them. The company’s website might contain biographies of leadership and staff members – perhaps even of your interviewer(s) – and information about the company’s products, programs, and initiatives. All of this information can be helpful and bolster the first impression.


Ask Questions About the Company

Just as the company is getting to know you, an interview presents you with an opportunity to get to know the company. And asking questions can help show a genuine interest in the company. As you review their website and take notes about the company’s work. During the interview, listen to the questions being asked and make note of anything that you would like to learn more about. Make sure to include some questions on your job responsibilities.


Prepare to Give a Sales Pitch

Even if you’re not told ahead of time that the interview includes a mock sales pitch, prepare to pitch not only of your current product or service but also those of the company your interview is with. As you’re reviewing the company’s website, you can learn about their products and services to help form your pitch. Timing is important, keep the pitch short and focused, while being interactive.


Be Ready to Answer Common Questions

Practice pays dividends when you can answer common interview questions confidently and without missing a beat. Common questions include details about professional – and personal – accomplishments, the circumstances surrounding your desire to change jobs, and what interests you about the company and position. Preparing for predictable questions will help bolster your confidence, too.


Dress Appropriately

Just because your interview is virtual, it isn’t wise to dress any differently than you would for an in-person interview. Your attire – top-to-bottom – should be appropriate. Doing so will prevent embarrassment if your camera has framed the shot too low. There’s also a psychological benefit to being fully dressed for a virtual interview, another way to raise your confidence.

Good luck with your next interview!


Author: Bryan Payne is the Chief Talent Scout and Founding Partner at Just Sales Jobs with over 25-years of experience in sales and leading high-performance sales teams. Bryan and his team specialize in recruiting top talent within the Greater Toronto Area to Kitchener Waterloo. You can reach him at bp@justsalesjobs.com 

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